If you need a court reporter in Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee in any court, including Circuit Court, General Sessions Court, or the Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals, choose Elite-Brentwood Reporting Services.  We would be happy to assist you in Knoxville for any of your court reporting needs.  As we celebrate 30 years in court reporting, we are proud to be Knoxville's premiere court reporting agency. We offer the following services to our clients:

  • Depositions, Trials, Hearings and Arbitrations

  • Remote Depositions

  • Overnight and Daily Expedites

  • Realtime Reporting 

  • Video Depositions

  • Video/Transcript Synchronization

  • E-transcripts, ASCII or PDF Format

  • Online Repository for Depositions, E-transcripts and Exhibits

  • Online Scheduling

  • Luxury Conference rooms with wifi

  • Excellent Customer Service


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We are proud to serve you in beautiful Knoxville, Tennessee. Located just west of downtown Knoxville near Interstate 40 and the Ten Mile Creek Greenway, Elite-Brentwood Reporting Services offers clients the most qualified and experienced court reporters. If you need a court reporter, rest assured that Elite-Brentwood will provide the most professional and experienced reporter in Memphis.

Elite-Brentwood Reporting Services is a local, full-service court reporting agency that serves the entire state of Tennessee and beyond! This includes Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville, Chattanooga, and virtually anywhere you need us! We also serve Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana and Mississippi. Wherever you need us, we are your experts on Realtime Reporting, Overnight and Daily Expedites, PDF's, ASCII's, and E-Transcripts, and more. We offer On-Call Court Reporters, Arbitration, Video Depositions and Syncing, Remote Video Conferencing, a secure online repository and fantastic customer service. For nearly 30 years, we have been a trusted partner in Reporting Services all over the Mid South. Need a Court Reporter in Chattanooga, Tennessee? Call us today!

Elite-Brentwood Reporting Services is celebrating 30 years of providing trusted, reliable court reporting across Tennessee and surrounding states. Our clients have come to know us for our professionalism, reliability, and quality, trusting us with the most complex cases. Each of our offices provide you with the best registered court reporters, including real-time and legal video specialists. Add to that superior video conferencing facilities and Elite-Brentwood is your one-stop for court reporting services.  

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