What is Realtime?  It is the instantaneous translation of the spoken word onto a laptop or tablet in a deposition, arbitration, or in court, all accomplished wirelessly.  It allows you as the attorney, as testimony is being given, to do the following:


  • Mark/highlight testimony for later review.

  • Make notes in your feed of the realtime on the tablet or laptop that only you can see, inserted in the rough of the digital transcript where you want for later review and/or research.

  • Perform live-time searches backwards and forwards for words or phrases.

  • Receive an e-mail of your rough realtime with your hidden notes and highlights at the end of the proceedings.

  • The option of a cleaned up rough of the day's realtime proceedings later that evening that is very clean and readable (marked a rough draft)


Elite-Brentwood Reporting Services currently has seven realtime court reporters available across the state of Tennessee, including Nashville, Knoxville, Memphis, Chattanooga and Jackson, to assist with your realtime litigation support needs. Please contact us and let our scheduling agent know at the time of scheduling that you are interested in taking advantage of our realtime litigation and realtime arbitration services.

Realtime reporting is available in all of Tennessee - NashvilleMemphisKnoxvilleChattanoogaJackson, and areas of ARGAKYLA, and MS.

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