Trial Presentations


A Trial Presentation is a courtroom technology tool paired with a skilled courtroom presentation technologist to provide a seamless and professional presentation of your case. The technologist manages the computer system for the electronic presentation of your cases.  


You wouldn't take your refrigerator for an afternoon at the beach, much like you wouldn't use trial presentation for every case. Use trial presentation technology for the more complex matters. When a jury is required to visualize scenarios or procedures, these are excellent candidates for presentation technology.

How we can help.

  • Assist clients in pre-trial preparation.

  • Provide assistance with presenting electronic and demonstrative evidence with your guidance.

  • Coordinate data - video, documents, and demonstrative evidence.

  • Schedule equipment setup and tear-down with court officials.

  • Ensure equipment locations for lines of sight, lighting and audio are satisfactory.

  • Provide complete technical support for presentation systems and technology.

  • Assist in the preparation, creation, or modification of exhibits.

  • Provide on-site video and audio editing.​

  • Produce trial and witness notebooks.


We are visual creatures. We learn and retain information at a much higher rate when we are shown as opposed to told the information. Judicial economy is key. With visuals, you are able to present more information in less time, which expedites the trial. With a skilled technologist behind the keyboard, they can remedy any technology snafu in a calm manner, while you focus on your case. A trusted member of your team, the technologist participates in the war room and assists with the presentation.


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