Elite-Brentwood Reporting Services has established two full video conference centers in both of our conference rooms at our home office in Smyrna, Tennessee, a suburb of Nashville, for your convenience. If you desire to conduct a video conference deposition, use our video conference center for a meeting with attorneys out of state, interview of a client, or any other scenario where you would need to be in contact with someone at a distance but wish for each of you to see and hear one another, we can accomplish that through our teleconference center and use our Remote Video Conference technology to conference them in from their office location without having to travel to a teleconference center to attend.

The technology is easy to use with an intuitive user interface. The speaker system paired with the HD video feed is clear, clean, and makes for seamless interaction. It makes you feel that you're conducting business in the same room.


Whether you are in a conference room, your desk, or at the beach, you can participate in litigation. With the use of our Remote Video software, if you have a wi-fi connection, you can view real-time litigation.


At Elite-Brentwood, we’re always striving for the most innovative ideas and technology to enhance our services to clients and the legal community. Again, allow Elite-Brentwood Reporting Services be your technology and litigation support provider for all your litigation needs in Tennessee and across the Nation. We're far more than just a court reporting agency! We cover it all!

Elite-Brentwood Reporting Services is a local, full-service court reporting agency that serves the entire state of Tennessee and beyond!  If you need a court reporter in  Nashville, Memphis,  Knoxville, Chattanooga, we are virtually anywhere you need us!  We also serve Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana and Mississippi. Wherever you need us, our court reporters are your experts on Realtime Reporting, Overnight and Daily Expedites, PDFs, ASCIIs, and E-Transcripts, and more.  We offer On-Call Reporters, Arbitration, Video Depositions and Syncing, Remote Video Conferencing,  a secure online repository and  fantastic customer service.   For nearly 30 years, we have been a trusted partner in Court Reporting Services all over the Mid South.  Need a court reporter?  Call us today!

Elite-Brentwood Reporting Services is celebrating 30 years of providing trusted, reliable court reporting services. Our clients have come to know us for our professionalism, reliability, and quality, trusting us with the most complex cases. Each of our offices provide you with the best registered court reporters, including real-time and legal video specialists. Add to that superior video conferencing facilities and Elite-Brentwood is your one-stop for court reporting services.  


Our Nashville court reporters are the core of Elite-Brentwood, many of whom have grown with us over the last three decades, with our East Tennessee in West Tennessee offices providing the same quality and professionalism. Our clients have come to know and rely on the quality of our work; as a result, we’ve created long-lasting relationships built on trust and experience.